Saturday, November 28, 2009


So its funny.
You walk through a club in your element of life, some fuckwit who's dating your friend just nudges you. Simple you nudge him back?
He turns around you face him and laugh as she pulls away.
All night he stares at you and eyes you off, your friends walk past and come to tell you what a cocksucker he looks like and if anything happens their all there.

You stand at the bar and mime to his girlfriend 'what the fucks his problem'
she walks over to say he is just a jealous cunt who read messages from ages ago.
1. learn to read the date your together I wouldn't flirt with you.
2. Why do you still have the messages I obviously left an impression on your life?

You explain to her that you wont touch him unless provoked yet she still storms away in tears complaining that if Im her friend I wouldn't touch him.
He then gets angrier because she is now crying yet it doesn't phase you whatsoever.

They both then walk up to you and she asks you to shake his hand you do so but snob him off to show where he stands. They don't like it so your friends step and behind you to show who has the power. They both leave.

After all this you go home.
Driving your friends to their house you get a message from her saying that you've caused her to loose him and he has left her alone in the city in the rain. You turn and say well look at it this way. I was right to want to kick the shit out of him.
She's upset and you tell her to wake up to herself she doesn't want to listen.

This has no point but the following...

"Jealousy's a motherfucker eh'?"

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