Saturday, November 21, 2009


As you all lay asleep I'm nothing but awake.
I sit and wonder what a night it was to which I felt comfortable around strangers.
The odd few I disliked were short lived with their annoyingness to back down to my anger.
Never do I get this way about others but I have a smile on my face.
Why should they have to live so far away.

This probably makes sense to no-one else but to me it makes clear sense.
I love my brother, I love some friends.
Fuck you all to the deadshits who want to stand between us.

As for this other person I thought would be the best, your a fucking 2 faced cunt. Fuck off with all your bullshit dont act all sweet and innocent to me from your keyboard and be an absolute cunt to my face. Go away get fucked you won't be anything to me.

One day I will have what I want.

'I miss you dad.'


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