Tuesday, November 24, 2009

6:24 am

So I begin to type this yet another entry to my blog after another sleepless night.
Today I have to make myself look presentable to the general public and go to an interview to hopefully get my lazy ass some work. It's been a few months with constant rejections from jobs and the ones I recieve call backs on I am just generally not interested it.

On Saturday I'll take some snaps for my good friend Magic Marks band Our Solace, they are amazing beyond belief get down to pheonix youth centre in footscray @ like 2pm. It's $12 its their 3rd show but they are nothing far from amazing!

On another note its funny how ones feelings change and loose interest so fast, I knew it was the hype of feeling wanted that made me feel confident but I have since lost that. I'm content with my life at the present point in time. I'm more respectable to the opposite sex then I use to be. Aside from the odd druken fued I entitle it's great to just go out and not want to feel the need to just kiss someone for the fact of doing it. I enjoy being single, and I don't think it will change for a while. Im having the fun I didn't get to have whilst my father was sick in hospital. So for the time being untill im swept off my feet I'll just soldier on alone.

I talk about so many different things in all my posts it is quite intrieging even to myself. I havn't seen my brother in over a week or 2 which is actually really weird I may make the treck into town to see him on Thursday along with later that night seeing Acacia Strain @ Next. Shit place I enjoy the company of a select few who go there.

I miss about 5 people. One of which means more then they think.

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